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Our Faux Blooms

Beautiful and Bespoke Faux Blooms

‘You can never have enough flowers in the home’
Bianca Templeman – Founder of Belles Fleur Home

At Belles Fleur Home we love our beautiful and bespoke faux blooms, and we have an enduring passion for combining quality and authentic faux flowers for all tastes and room settings. We have sourced the absolute best simulated flowers of the highest quality and we use our unique floristry design techniques to combine them together in a bespoke and perfect product.

Our distinctive style combines the character of French décor and a Neutral hues palettes, all our Faux Blooms and Home accessories are timelessly beautiful in elegant creamy pastel tones.



When we say the best, we don’t just mean the quality of our individual blooms but also the fantastic choice and variety of our collections which offer gorgeous colours to suit every style of room.

What is most notable about our blooms is that we are qualified florists. We treat them exactly like fresh flowers and we organise them piece by piece into perfect bespoke arrangements.

Attention to detail

All of our blooms are approved by the British Florist Association. They look real, feel real and smell real and the level of detail in each individual flower is stunning.

Why choose our blooms?

  • Our bloom arrangements are created by qualified and trained florists
  • Every arrangement is unique
  • A wonderful choice of designs including fresh country garden displays and petite to large table arrangements which will flatter any home
  • Keep your blooms fresh and fragrant with our bespoke Faux Fleur Spray
  • You can also combine real foliage with your faux blooms in a unique display – information available on request
  • Our complementary range of home accessories has been designed to work with our blooms to create the full look for your room or home



Inspired by pretty pastels, fresh florals and all things beautiful. Encompassing the very best of Gallic design from the French chateau, or French country home. The combined effect is desirably pretty.


Design inspiration to help you reflect the very best of the Belles Fleur look. White, cream, rustic silver and gold, ivory, beige with traditional French mirrors and lamps. Blooms  are eucalyptus, peony, roses and cream berries in beautiful centrepieces.